Monday, February 21, 2011

Get A Lift With Serdev Suture Suspension Technique

The Serdev Suture Suspension technique is used to lift loose skin or flabby soft tissue for areas of the face, breasts, and buttocks. This technique lifts the deep moveable tissue beneath the skin by anchoring it to non-moveable fibrous tissue resulting in a more natural and youthful appearance. Although the face, breast, and buttocks are the most popular areas for serdev suture, this technique is used on a variety of other places. See the examples below.

- Face lifts: Creates a younger and more natural appearance
- Forehead Lifts: sagging forehead skin
- Eyebrow lifts to open the eyes
- Cheek enhancement: cheeks fuller and higher
- Chin augmentation
- Nose tip refinement
- Nose angle refinement (wide nose: Make the base of the nose smaller.
- Ear refinement: Pull the ears closer to the head.
- Breast lifts: Lift the breast via a scar less puncture wound. This procedure is beneficial to women who often suffer from keloiding with traditional breast lifts.
- Buttocks lifts: Narrow the buttocks. Give the appearance of more volume and lift at the same time. Elongate the look of the legs.

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